Augvape VX217 Kit

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High performance combination - the VX217 kit from Augvape!

Augvape has launched a great kit here that is designed for high performance. It is of high quality and looks absolutely great. Despite its performance, it is quite compact and lies very ergonomically in the hand. It consists of a regulated battery, the VX 217 Mod, which is designed for operation with two batteries. These can also be charged internally using a USB Type-C cable and user safety has also been taken into account and all relevant protective circuits have been installed. The performance is enormous, so that the Intake Sub Ohm tank harmonizes perfectly with the mod. Easy handling, sensational taste development and huge clouds with an open and direct train - this is the playground of this tank. All in all a great combination.

High performance and simple operation - the VX217 Mod!

The battery carrier is designed for operation with either two 21700/20700 or with the supplied sleeve also for 2 * 18650 batteries. The chipset can output up to 217 watts or up to 12 volts and thus fire resistors of 0.05 - 3 ohms. Operation is very easy thanks to the large display, giant fire button and a rotary control instead of plus and minus buttons.

Claptonmesh - for even better taste - the Intake Sub Ohm Tank!

This tank fits perfectly with the battery holder and holds up to lots of liquid, which you can easily fill from above. Cleaning or changing the prefabricated heads does not involve any puzzles and is done in no time. The prefabricated heads have a new mesh winding made of clapton wire, which further improves the taste and enables huge clouds. At the same time, these prefabricated heads are very durable and durable, so that they do not have to be changed too often. The train behavior is designed for an open and direct train, which is further emphasized by the large 810 driptip.